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Ganoderma microsporum immunomodulatory protein (GMI) is an all new biotech ingredient with multiple patents and technological breakthroughs.
GMI can be utilized in the fields of precision medicine, nutritional heath, cosmetic medicine, animal health and more.

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Latest advancements and applications of GMI in different fields.

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GMI is the culmination of decades of research in biotechnology. Follow GMI to stay updated.

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The pursuit to unlocking the true potential of GMI has persisted for over 30 years. Follow the latest research results and breakthroughs in GMI from both industry and academia.

About GMI GMI (Ganoderma microsporum immunomodulatory protein) is the culmination of 30 years of Taiwanese biotech research. Here, we witness the metamorphosis of GMI, from the legendary medicinal roots of ganoderma, a traditional Chinese medicine, to the scientifically proven effectiveness of GMI today.
GMI status quo GMI combines multiple innovative technologies and holds many patents ranging from its molecular structure and methods of analysis to many types of applications. There is also a growing body scientific research articles and international certifications for GMI.
Patent portfolio
Research projects that hold market value are found through analyses of industrial and technological trends, which inform the patent strategy of GMI. Proactive patent applications ensure the protection of research results and improve global competitiveness.
GMI holds many Taiwanese and international patents that range from treatments of different types of cancer, including lung cancer, liver cancer and colorectal cancer to proven effects of wound healing. The era of new drug development for GMI is on the horizon.

International certifications
We strive to gain the trust of customers by maintaining product quality and improving public image, as well as increasing market share. Obtaining international certifications is the key to breaking into the global market.
Abiding by international standards and passing certifications is the basis for market expansion as well as fulfilling the needs of customers and entering the international marketplace.
The establishment of standardized industrial specifications for GMI in food, cosmetics and medicine through Taiwanese and international lab analyses and certifications will secure its dominance in the market.
GMI applications
The activity of GMI has been proven in cell and animal models. Mass production forms the basis for GMI application in diverse fields.
Precision medicine
Precision medicine is not only about finding the right drug, but also about disease prevention. What can GMI, the first ingredient from Chinese medicine to pass western medicine standards, bring to the table?
Cosmetic medicine
Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but eternal youth is forever the holy grail. GMI not only has anti-aging properties, but also holds many more secrets to beauty…
Nutritional health
You are what you eat, so you better make sure it’s safe. Is there an ingredient that can lessen the anxiety and problems of food? GMI has potential.
Animal health
From farm animals to pets, every life is precious. GMI can be a boon for animals just as much as for humans.
Work with us would you like to be a part of GMI? Whether it’s academic research, media coverage, technology authorization or product development, we welcome your inquiries.
New opportunities for the future with GMI We extend our deepest gratitude to the partners that joined us in the development of GMI over the years,
who helped GMI to be discovered, to be seen, to be utilized and to shine.
Let us continue our work to promote GMI, for the betterment of humankind.
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