GMI Certification
Ganoderma microsporum immunomodulatory protein, GMI, promotes C2C12 myoblast differentiation in vitro via upregulation of Tid1 and STAT3 acetylation 2021-11-16


Ageing and chronic diseases lead to muscle loss and impair the regeneration of skeletal muscle. Thus, it's crucial to seek for effective intervention to improve the muscle regeneration. Tid1, a mitochondrial co-chaperone, is important to maintain mitochondrial membrane potential and ATP synthesis. Previously, we demonstrated that mice with skeletal muscular specific Tid1 deficiency displayed muscular dystrophy and postnatal lethality. Tid1 can interact with STAT3 protein, which also plays an important role during myogenesis. In this study, we used GMI, immunomodulatory protein of Ganoderma microsporum, as an inducer in C2C12 myoblast differentiation. We observed that GMI pretreatment promoted the myogenic differentiation of C2C12 myoblasts. We also showed that the upregulation of mitochondria protein Tid1 with the GMI pre-treatment promoted myogenic differentiation ability of C2C12 cells. Strikingly, we observed the concomitant elevation of STAT3 acetylation (Ac-STAT3) during C2C12 myogenesis. Our study suggests that GMI promotes the myogenic differentiation through the activation of Tid1 and Ac-STAT3.





參考資料:  台灣:靈芝蛋白gmi可調控粒線體,生肌造肉



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